Life is too valuable to spend it hi-jacked by food…

And you don't have to.

Creating a peaceful food-life and a comfortable weight is possible and - it will take changing your relationship with food, with your body, and maybe even with yourself. It'll mean stepping away from the crazy diet/binge cycle and stepping into a journey that will work for life.

And you can.

How's Your Food-Life?

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A genuine lifestyle change is the only permanent solution we've found.  And to be honest, making this happen is no small thing. It takes devotion to doing things a new way, even after the initial excitement has worn off.

Having an advocate, a coach who understands, is often the difference between following through and just wishing you had.

Here's the thing... you really can’t fail. Just like learning to ride a bike, as long as you get back on after each tumble, you will succeed. My job is to walk beside you until you’re zipping down the road on your own…

And you will be.

Liberated eating is an invitation to get your life back. When you’re no longer sidetracked with your next diet or binge, or obsessing over food and weight, or eating emotionally and berating yourself, you'll be free to LIVE! 

Begin to envision yourself as free.

And let’s take things a step further: What if you began to consider the profound meaning this journey holds for you? What if this path is nothing short of the beginning of you knowing and loving yourself more deeply than you ever have before? What if this struggle turns out to be the very door through which you become your strongest and best self?

Breathe in a big dose of confidence and dare to step into your liberation...

“The Liberated Eater changed me from the inside out. I was a self-loathing, bulimic, compulsive eater for over thirty years . . . I still love eating, but I love life more. Food is no longer my boss. I am free!”                        —Angie Greg | Nurse, Writer, Mom

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