About Cindy

Cindy Landham, The Liberated Eater

Hi!  Thank you for checking in here. I’m going to share a little bit of my story here – and I hope to get to hear yours soon.

I have fifty-nine years of eating experience and for over thirty of those years food was my drug of choice. George McDonald once said, “A man is in bondage to whatever he can not part with that is less than himself.” I was in bondage to food.

  • I loved it and I hated it.
  • I longed for it and I feared it.
  • I couldn’t wait to eat it and then hated myself for eating too much.

I tried every new diet that came along, lost weight on some and then gained it all back, plus some.

About fifteen years ago I simply gave up. I determined never to diet again even if I kept gaining weight till it killed me. I just couldn’t try anymore; it was too hard and I had failed too many times. To my amazement, freedom found me. In time I found myself enjoying food for what it was – nothing more and nothing less. After about five years of  freedom I began to wonder how this had happened. How had I come to see food as a gift rather than the enemy, as something to be contentedly savored rather than ravenously devoured?

I began to look for answers –  researching countless resources, listening to the stories of sane eaters and not-so-sane eaters, interviewing health professionals, therapists and wellness coaches. It eventually became clear that there are solid truths about change, about the effects of restriction, about food and our relationship with it that ran throughout all my research and my own journey. Freedom with food is really possible! Anyone can have it. And it’s more than worth the time and effort it takes to see it through.

Now I am passionate about helping others find their way to this freedom, joy and life that we are all meant to have with food. I share my whole story in my book, The Liberated Eater, and I look forward to hearing yours. Few have been under the spell of food more deeply than I was and no one is happier to be free. It’s an amazing thing to live each day thinking about living instead of eating…

My Mission:

  • To help people move from chaos to order, from addictive behavior to freedom, from shame to loving acceptance, from despair to hope, and from unhealthy patterns to a sustainable healthy lifestyle
  • To create a compassionate coaching environment so people have the safe space they need to make the changes they want to make
  • To build an encouraging community so no one has to feel alone on this journey
  • To offer effective, affordable on-going support as long as it’s needed
  • To build a culture in our community that reaches out to help others find their way to the freedom we now enjoy

Cindy has been a passionate teacher for forty years, is a graduate of Auburn University and a certified Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches Corporation. Wellcoaches is affiliated with The American College of Sports Medicine. She writes, coaches, listens and speaks on liberated eating and the changes and freedom it brings.