To All Us Body-Haters…

9 out of 10 American women have disliked their body for a long time.

liz v kateAfter all, many of us have seen our body as “The Problem” since we were teenagers. We have a constant stream of unrealistic skinny-body images that keep our body-dissatisfaction alive and well.

It’s precisely that long-standing belief that our bodies are the problem, and the consequent negative feelings, that can keep us stuck.

We’ve been feeling this way so long that we might not realize we can challenge it. It’s time to reconsider whether or not this thinking is helpful or true.

We can change our minds.

Here’s a good start:

“Lay down your tired weapons of condemnation. Relinquish the striving. Take a deep breath and decide to step completely out of the battle for thinness and step into the joy of living fully, vibrantly and freely in the only body you will ever have.

“Stop and consider this: your best memories were experienced through that body you live in right now. The most fun you’ve ever had was possible because of your body. The last thing you saw that took your breath away was seen through those eyes in that body. The most moving music you’ve ever heard went through those ears. The dearest expression of love you’ve ever given or received was given and received through that body. That body is uniquely yours. It is the warm, pulsing vessel that houses the essence that is you. It has been your constant companion. It was with you before you breathed your first big gulp of air, and it will be with you when you breathe the last.

“That body is something to be revered and respected.” 

What could happen if you devoted yourself to a deep appreciation of that body, as it is right now?

Where might that affection take you and your health over the next year?

What might happen if you began to treasure that body, to seriously listen to her cues, to lovingly honor her needs?

What might happen if you began to nurture a life-long friendship, a devoted partnership, with your body today?
*adapted excerpt from the newly revised book, The Liberated Eater, by Cindy Landham


One thought on “To All Us Body-Haters…

  • March 22, 2017 at 8:14 am

    This could not have come at a more timely time. I just had this conversation last night with my therapist. Thank you for the healing and encouraging work you continue to do to help us on our journeys.


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