Dieting vs. Liberated Eating : A Comparison & A Parable

Tortoise and hareDieting is a tough competitor because it promises quick weight loss and dramatic results. There are few things we like better than quick and dramatic!

Diets also give us extreme steps to follow which can feel exciting (for a while at least) like hyper-strict eating rules, the latest detox, fat-eating pills, metabolism-boosting shots, special combination of foods, etc. It feels like we’re doing something serious and productive about this “problem”… after all, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Liberated eating, on the other hand, promises no such things. In fact, mindful, intuitive eating promises slow weight release (so it will last), moderate measures (so they will last), and no special diet foods (so we can last).

Now I admit, this comparison makes dieting look a lot more exciting, kind of like comparing the flashy hare with the boring tortoise, but let’s take a big step back and look at the long view…

If a solid lifetime solution piques your interest, here are a few more comparisons to consider:

  • Diets focus on what you eat.
    Liberated eating focuses on how and why you eat.
  • Dieting is based on will power (which inevitably wears down).
    Liberated eating is based on trust between you and the inner wisdom you were born with.
  • Dieting depends on obeying rules that press from the outside in, overriding your personal autonomy (a powerful basic human need).
    Liberated eating focuses on authentic lifestyle change from the inside out, honoring your personal autonomy.
  • Diets are “one size fits all.”
    Liberated eating is about discovering what fits you.
  • Dieting focuses on weight loss.
    Liberated eating focuses on vibrant health, with a comfortable weight thrown in.
  • Dieting focuses on quantity of food.
    Liberated eating focuses on quality of food.
  • Dieting is rigid and restrictive…very difficult to take on vacation.
    Liberated eating is livable and flexible and can go anywhere with you.
  • Dieting turns food into a dreaded enemy.
    Liberated eating reveals food as a good gift.
  • Dieting makes you feel crazy around food.
    Liberated eating brings deep peace and gratitude.

In short, comparing liberated eating to dieting is like comparing the tortoise with the hare.

Just remember who won the race.

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