Why Can't I Stop Overeating ?!?

One of the most frequently researched questions online is “Why can’t I stop overeating?”

ooooThe frustration in this question is heartbreaking, and it’s exactly the question I asked myself for over thirty years. Of course there isn’t one tidy little answer for each of us; the answers will be as varied as we are – but – there are some common factors that cause us to feel out of control with food.

  1. 1. DIETING MAKES US EAT LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE (even though we’re not)   Eating too little always leads to eating too much, eventually. Self imposed starvation causes your body and mind to feel alarmed and to overreact, setting up the diet-binge cycle. Not only is dieting completely ineffective longterm, it actually damages your relationship with food and your body in the process. There are psychological and biological reasons we are compelled to overeat after a peroid of under-eating.
  2. BINGE EATING, CRAVINGS & COMPULSIVE EATING PATTERN   The perceived strength of the powerful urge to overeat feels overwhelming, convincing us that we’re powerless against it. After giving into it for years, weakened by our exhausting attempts at dieting, we falsely believe that now we have no choice.
  3. LACK OF CONFIDENCE    Each of us has our own personal story, temperament and negative self-talk which can undermine our self-confidence. We also falsely feel weak and incapable after years of unsuccessful dieting, even though it’s dieting that’s at fault.
  4. EMOTIONAL EATING    Eating to manage emotions feels good in the moment – lighting up the brain’s pleasure centers like firecrackers! After years of eating emotionally it can feel impossible to imagine coping with uncomfortable feelings in any other way, even though there are many more effective ways of handling our big emotions.
  5. PROCESSED SIMPLE CARBOHYDRATES    Highly processed foods containing a lot of white flour and sugar can highjack our blood sugar and insulin levels – sending them on a roller-coaster ride. Natural fiber and nutrients are removed (and hyper-tasty artificial ingredients added) in the refining process. These manufactured foods break down very quickly in the body, causing us to crave more and more*.
  6. TOP REASON: WE DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW CHANGE WORKS.     Most people believe that they’re supposed to move forward perfectly, once they’ve decided to change things. In reality, true change is messy and multi-directional – and it is supposed to be. In order to make life changes you have to be willing to mess up and continue on. A lot.

Truth reminder:

You can reach a comfortable weight in spite of your obstacles. You are strong and resilient. You have choices. You are not alone.

And you don’t have to do this perfectly. No one does.

Armed with solid tools and truths like TLE 12 lesson downloadable workshop, with support like our TLE Membership  and with a bit of a sense of humor – you can make the changes you want to make!

Which of these reasons do you relate to most?


*For more info read Always Hungry? by Dr. David Ludwig.


Why Can’t I Stop Eating ? (Here's Some Research That'll Help)

burgerHave you ever noticed that it’s harder to stop eating some foods than others?            

Researchers at Rutgers University* are beginning to understand some of the neurological reasons for this – and their research can inform us too.

It seems that fatty foods produce higher levels of dopamine in our brain. This is a neurotransmitter that signals our brain’s reward system to keep on doing whatever we are doing at the moment. Keep on eating that pie or ice cream or pizza or fries…because eating them feels very rewarding!

Until, of course, it doesn’t.

This new research is compelling and can help us in several ways:

1. PLAN AHEAD – When you choose to eat a brain-grabbing-food, intentionally decide ahead of time how much of it you will be glad you’ve eaten. Choosing a reasonable portion before you dig in will be easier than trying to reign yourself in after the munching has begun.

2. CHOOSE FOODS THAT DON’T CREATE A BRAIN BATTLE – You can create a vast, fantastically delicious**, nutrient-rich menu that gives you the vitality and taste you want – without fighting your brain over it.

If you want to stay away from foods that make you want to binge – you can! That’s not returning to restrictive dieting – that’s knowing yourself well. That’s using your inner wisdom.

Once again, we are free to eat anything. There are no illegal foods. And PERMISSION WORKS BOTH WAYS. We have permission to and we have permission not to.

As liberated eaters we are in charge now!

*Click here to see more on the research:http://qz.com/464629/scientists-think-theyve-found-the-reason-youre-overeating/

**Long but fascinating: http://jamesclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/why-humans-like-junk-food-steven-witherly.pdf