3 Ways To Get Unstuck From A Weight Plateau

stuckIf your weight has been stuck in one place for a while, in spite of eating mindfully, here are a few strategies that have proven to be helpful for many people.

As always, these strategies are not meant to be turned into diet rules. These are simply ways to work with, not against, your biology. These ways of living with food are friendly to fat burning and weight release.

  1. Sugar & Flour Free Menu – There are TONS of delicious foods to eat that do not contain processed white flour or refined sugar. Building a menu of whole foods and avoiding refined/processed fuel allows your insulin and blood sugar levels to stay steady. This is important because elevated insulin causes your body to hold onto your fat tissue, and wildly varying blood sugar levels cause you to crave sugar…among other things.

Carole, a liberated friend of ours, had been stuck at the same weight for several years. She has just released 22 pounds over the past four months merely by eliminating sugar and flour from her daily menu. This one change has moved her off “stuck” and she will tell you that she has not been hungry or felt deprived.

She’ll also tell you that the work she’s done over the past two years to build a peaceful, liberated relationship with food and her body has enabled her to change her menu without triggering the old diet mentality. Pretty cool!

2. 12 hour overnight fast – Your body has more fat burning time in the wee hours of the morning after your liver has run out of its stored fuel.  Having 12 hours between a satisfying dinner and a hearty breakfast gives your body more time to burn your fat stores as fuel. On average people who don’t eat after dinner are 25 pounds lighter than late night snackers.

3. Low carb breakfast – When you wake up in the morning your body is in peak fat-burning mode (because your insulin and blood sugar are low and your cortisol is high after your overnight fast). Eating mainly protein and healthy fat for breakfast, rather than easily digested cereal, donuts, muffins, pancakes, toast, juice, etc. will allow that fat burning state to continue into the day.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean whole grain muesli, Ezekiel bread or old fashioned oats are not nutritious; they are. We are talking about optimal fat-burning opportunity here, not nutrition.

ANOTHER NOTE: (Of course) there is more than one perspective on morning carbohydrates. There is also research that points to the benefit of eating your occasional piece of cake in the morning so you have all day to burn it off. This is valid as well. The point to remember here is that the thing that’s best for you is the thing that works best for you. Finding your best way to eat is going to take some experimenting – which can be fun! This is one big reason becoming intuitive and mindful are so important and effective.

Please remember: None of these strategies have anything to do with good food or bad food, legal food or illegal food. They have everything to do with how our bodies use and store fuel.

The one thing we do know that works well across the board for everyone who lives in a human body is that our bodies work better when they’re fed mostly real whole foods from the good earth. Large quantities of food from factories seem to confuse things.

If you’re stuck, and ready to get unstuck, consider working one, two or all of the above strategies into your lifestyle. Give each one a month, take notes, listen to what your body is telling you, and allow yourself to enjoy the process of discovery.

I would love to hear about your experience!