Take a Big Step Toward Your Goals

pivOne of the main reasons people stall out while trying to make a lifestyle change is not that they can’t change. In fact, you are more than capable of accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

We get stuck because we try to go it alone. We don’t get the support we need. We think we don’t have enough time, enough money, enough energy. Yada yada yada.

And we stay stuck, which wastes a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of energy.

Earth to us: Human beings don’t make lifestyle changes alone. Life teaches us this and so do researchers. Read the very interesting book, Change or Die by Alan Deutschman, for more.

On this path of change we need a few partners along the way. After going through our Liberated Eating Workshop and reconnecting with your amazing body again, you may decide you need a few sessions with a dietitian to help you understand your personal nutritional needs more clearly, or an appointment with a physician to get your blood pressure under control, or a therapist to help you develop some healthier boundaries…so you don’t continue to try to eat your pesky stress away.

And here’s an unexpected and interesting effect of the changes we’re making. Many of us find that once we stop medicating ourselves with overeating, some important things begin to reveal themselves. Feelings, needs, and dreams that have been stuffed down with food for a long time can begin to surface. Identifying and understanding our needs and then choosing a trusted ally for navigating them will make our trip a lot less stressful and usually much shorter.

Who could help you take some big steps forward right now? An insightful therapist? A dietitian? A wellness coach to help you to go beyond what you can do alone? A trusted physician? A walking buddy? A support group like our online community at TLE?

It’s amazing how much pain, gridlock, confusion, fear and frustration we humans are willing to endure before we get the help we need.

Please. Do yourself a favor.

Look honestly at who could help you reach your goals.

Stop tolerating the things that hurt you.

Take the time.

Do the work.

Spend the money.

Get the help – so you can THRIVE.

If something’s been bugging you for a while, it’s time to change it. It’s time for a new perspective, a new strategy – some fresh energy!

Sharing Question: Who has helped you on your path toward wellness, and how have they made a difference?


Shout out to Edward Hopper for the wonderful, lonely painting.

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