The Liberated Eater … A Very Liberating Book


As you read The Liberated Eater you will discover this and much more…

  • Why diets haven’t worked long term (it’s not about your willpower)
  • Proven core behaviors and beliefs that will work – for a lifetime
  • How to confidently live out a consistent, balanced, flexible food-life
  • How to master powerful tools for handling any food encounter – including emotional eating
  • Research and science behind the success of liberated eating
  • Read the stories of many disappointed dieters who’ve been through TLE Workshop and found the food-life they’ve been looking for

“The Liberated Eater is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to emerge from body hatred, food obsession, dieting, and weight cycling.”
                                                    —Dr. Tracy Tylka, PhD | Pioneer Researcher of Intuitive Eating, Author, Ohio State University Professor

“The information in The Liberated Eater will change your life. I know, because it changed mine. After decades of desperation I have been liberated! . . . It’s full of truth, simple strategies, tools, cutting edge science, and humor.”
                                                                 —Carol Howald | Workshop Member, Business Owner, Grandmother